Personal Projects

Development Related

Development Blog: Main blog, mostly oriented to development. 2004-Now.

GitHub Account + my forks + Gists: Don't expect anything incredible, but most of my pet-projects and experiments (since Github became mainstream) live there.


Note: Projects list might not be fully updated, refer to my blog or Github for the most recent ones.

Shopping lists: Simple mobile-friendly file-based shopping lists WebApp .

PBRR - Pretty Basic RSS Reader: A simple Python and Javascript RSS reader.

Finished Games Viewer: Static Javascript site to view user data exported from Finished Games.

Finished Games: Website to track your videogames playing history, catalog, etcetera.

Flask-Calendar: Web-calendar, very similar to Google Calendar but much simpler. Built with Python, Flask, and some vanilla Javascript and CSS, and relying on JSON files for data storage.

PCGW Game Engines: Some data wrangling around PCGamingWiki to analyze videogame engine metrics.

Syndicate Map Viewer: A project to build some tools related with the retro videogame Syndicate.

Quaddicted Random Map: "A Quake map a day keeps boredom away". Quake videogame launcher that downloads a random map from Quaddicted site and runs the game with it.

Swordle fork: A multi-language fork of Swordle, a Swedish Wordle clone.

Zombie Infection: Javascript port of a Java Applet zombie simulator game.

Mazes for Programmers Python code: Examples from Mazes for programmers book, ported to Python and with some tests, improvements and new output formats for the generated mazes.

PICO-8 games: Small games built with a retro virtual console platform, PICO-8.

Choose your adventure: Super-simple Javascript engine to build "choose your own adventure" games. Refer to the Github repo for more details.

Choose your adventure - EPUB Gamebook: Experiment of using the EPUB ebook format to build a "choose your own adventure" framework, by using hyperlinks for navigation.

Pomodoro: Minimalistic pomodoro timer, with desktop notifications, sound and changing favicon so you can pin the tab and still see if it's running.

The Plague: Small Javascript & HTML5 game in which you are a plague that has to infect all cells before dying.

Barcode Wars: Small Javascript & HTML5 game that reads images containing barcodes and creates a player and monster that fight.

Encoding/Decoding Toolkit: Javascript-based toolkit containing: URL, HTML & Base64 Encoder & Decoder, a pretty simple minimizer and SHA-1 & MD5 Hashing.

The Elder Thoughts: Blog about role-playing games, miniatures, books and similar topics. Since 2006.

Ended Websites

Berks Worlds - Ultima Online unofficial server (webarchive: I - II): Staff member: forum and in-game moderation and cheat prevention. Technical administration of website and forums. Game server scripts developer and tester. 2004-2014.

Kartones.Net blogging community: Multi-language blogging community. At its peak had ~20 active blogs and hundreds of freely available downloads. 2004-2014.

La Web de Programación (webarchive): Spanish portal about development, computer news and tutorials. In the early years got good traffic from Spanish and latin-american visitors. 2001-2014. Tribute website containing mods, maps and graphics for the videogame. +1.2GB of data to catalog. Phased out due to too much work for a single person. 2013-2015.

The Dark Portal: Self-hosted free online multiplayer games portal, with custom self-hosted servers for Ultima Online, Freelancer, FreeCiv, OpenTTD and others. 2008-2009.

Uncut: Movies, series and documentaries micro-reviews blog. Administrator & blogger (+1 other blogger). 2010-2015.

Vicio Como Monos!!!: Videogame reviews blog (PC and consoles). Administrator & blogger (+1 other blogger). 2009-2015.

Visits HQ: Internal Google Analytics-like website to track visits to my blogs, check Google Trends and other internal tools. 2015-2017.

Warhammer 40,000 Dark Millennium Codex: Videogame fan-site, made to practice with PHP/Wordpress, later migrated to 2010-2015.

Ended Projects (Old Stuff)

Dice Roller: Work in progress Javascript RPG and boardgames dice roller. Supports the typical range from 3-side die to 100-side ones, being able to mix different ones and apply a general `+X` modifier.

Wordpress 3.x Mobilizer plugin, Wordpress 3.X plugin to detect and render a mobile theme for smartphones and other modern mobile devices.It uses JQuery Mobile (the main purpose was to see how JQuery Mobile worked). Related blog post.

Wordpress 3.x caching component, including instructions on how it was built. Slides explaining it can be read here.

Community Server 2007 components, modules and plugins, no longer maintained/updated but valid for CS2007. C# source code is also available.

Unit testing framework for Windows Live Agents Microsoft SDK, because the one "included" in the SDK was terribly incomplete. WLAs dissapeared so no longer of any use.

Microsoft XNA 1.0 particle system, small and very rought and basic implementation for a presentation/speech.

C# Gmail contacts importer for PocketPC, performing a CSV file import into Pocket Outlook for Windows Mobile.

OpenSMTP command-line console wrapper.

LameGUI: a Visual Basic 6, multilanguage frontend GUI for the excellent command-line MP3 converter Lame. Related blog post.

AFS - ASP 3.0 & SQL Forums: 100% Home-made forums platform, used for years at La Web de ProgramaciĆ³n. There were no opensource solutions in ASP 3.0, so I made mine to learn when I started working with that language.

C & ASM MS-DOS old programs. Contains a graphic library I built in the 90's (small MS-DOS VGA mode tutorial here) and miscellaneous experiments.

Screenshot from what was going to be the master thesis for my university degree circa 2003: A multiplatform Windows XP and PocketPC dungeon crawler RPG (map editor included):
Fantasy Quest v0.0.09 prototype screenshot

Old Articles

Written paper and online magazines articles (2001-2005):
Java FAQ article (SDJ Extra magazine #11)
Unit Testing with NUnit & Microsoft certifications for developers (MSCoder magazine #1)
Varied articles (Algoritmo Digital).