Diego Muñoz 'Kartones'

I build things, both for work and for pleasure.
And read as much as possible, because one never stops learning.

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About Me

Myself I'm a software developer born in Madrid, Spain, in 1981. I started with computers at an early age with an AMSTRAD PC/W and later a fantastic AMIGA. I wanted to "create programs and games" like those I was using, so I took an Assembler book and learned some basics. Later I came across C and Visual Basic. Since then I've been learning non-stop new technologies. I have my favourites but I keep an open mind as in the end development languages are just tools.

I love explaining the few things I know, so I maintain since long ago a development blog, wrote in the past a few articles for online and paper magazines, and give talks at events and user groups from time to time.

I am sociable but I value my privacy so you will find me at very few online social services, initially only at Twitter, and with some subtleties. And no, I do not have a FB account.

I couldn't, or maybe chose not to, be a mad scientist, DJ or videogames developer, but I'm an amateur miniature painter, average videogamer, wannabe retro game developer and animal lover (I have three cats and a dog). I won't leave a huge mark on the planet but I try to help making it better.

I play videogames whenenver I have time. I love retro gaming and singleplayer games, but you can find me when using recent platforms at:

  • Blizzard games: Kartones#2649
  • Nintendo 3DS (friend code): 0430-9080-2737
  • Nintendo Switch (friend code): SW-1597-4590-1998
  • Playstation 3: Kartones
  • Steam: Kartones

And if you're still reading here, the only thing that remains is explaining from where comes my nickname Kartones