Diego Muñoz 'Kartones'

Be the change you wanna see in this world

I build things, for work and as a hobby. Learn more about me.

About Me

I'm a "jack of all trades, master of none" software developer. I try to do things the best I can and I'm always trying to learn.

old times
I started with computers at an early age with an AMSTRAD PC/W and later a fantastic Commodore AMIGA 500. I wanted to "create programs and games" like those I was using, so I took an Assembler book and learned a few basics. Later I came across C and Visual Basic. Since then I've been learning non-stop new technologies.
I have my favourite languages (Python and C# in the past) but I keep an open mind as, in the end, development languages are just tools.

talks and events
I love explaining the few things I know, so I maintain since long ago a development blog, wrote in the past a few articles for online and paper magazines, and give talks at events and user groups from time to time.

I am sociable but I value my privacy so you will find me at very few online social services, initially only at Twitter.

I probably won't leave a huge mark on the planet but I try to make it better, not worse.

I couldn't, or maybe chose not to, be a mad scientist or videogames developer, but I'm an amateur miniature painter, long-time videogamer (both retro and modern games) and I love animals and nature. Other hobbies I enjoy are reading and watching movies and series. I used to have more but reduced to try to fit my available time.

One of my favourite quotes (reload to read another one):

Be the change you want to see in this world
- Gandhi