Diego Muñoz 'Kartones'

I build things, both for work and for pleasure.
And read as much as possible, because one never stops learning.

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Welcome to my portfolio

I'm a jack of all trades, master of none. I try to do things the best I can and I'm always reading and trying to learn.

I've worked on desktop and PDA applications, websites frontends and backends. I've used a myriad of development languages and platforms, helping to build from e-learning platforms to airport boarding gate distributed control systems, from social networks to map and GIS tools, from MSN Messenger conversational bots and unnoficial clients to videogame portals and tools, from video rendering and delivery to ticketing systems. Scopes range from internal PoCs and MVPs, to ad-hoc solutions for a single client, up to highly scalable platforms used by millions of users.

One of my favourite quotes (reload to read another one):

Be the change you want to see in this world
- Gandhi