Diego Munoz

Me, Diego Munoz


Senior Software Engineer - Full-Stack
2021 - Currently
Stockholm, Sweden

• Platform Developer Experience, infrastructure and tooling of desktop, web and ubiquity clients
Bazel for web

Senior Software Engineer (Contractor) - Backend & Data
2020 - 2021
Remote (Spain)

• Built platform-wide pseudonymization system
• Created new data connectors: Google Chat, Google Meet, Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft Teams, Salesforce, Zoom
• Improved data connectors: Atlassian Confluence, Atlassian Jira, Cisco Jabber, Dropbox, Google Drive

Principal Software Engineer - Backend
2017 - 2020

• Purchase flow: Consolidated all backend checkout services into one, improved monitoring (increased signal-to-noise ratio by 1000x) and reliability
• Built High-load checkout service backend and spearheaded MVP of internal services contract testing tool
• Improved legacy services: Python 3 migrations, containerization, CI workflows

Technical Lead
2015 - 2017

• Assisted engineering a highly-scalable microservices SaaS platform, capable of generating up to 200,000 videos/hour
• Led full-stack team that built: web application, public API, mailing & notifications, user accounts, video distribution

Senior Software Engineer - Backend
2014 - 2015

• Engineered scalability rewrites and optimizations: batching, chunking, multi-GB file uploads
• Built features such as multi-user accounts and LDAP connector for OpenLDAP and ActiveDirectory
• Programmed new import formats and connectors: ArcGIS, Box, Dropbox, GDrive, GeoTIFF, Instagram, Twitter GNIP

Senior Software Engineer - Full-Stack

• Rewrote code and migrated data of website and CMS
• Engineered an asynchronous, job-based user avatar generator, creating +100,000 avatars/month
• Built a user avatar items store and multiple payment methods

Senior Software Engineer - Full-Stack
2009 - 2013

• Developed and assisted in features such as: Home feed, user notifications, multi-search, friends importers, groups, chat client rewrite, group chat
• Orchestrated and improved mobile website & mobile apps support tools (1 year)

Software Engineer, Senior Software Engineer - Full-Stack
2001 - 2009
Multiple companies

• Built desktop, PDA, TabletPC and web applications such as: e-learning platform, passenger boarding bridge software, conversational bots
• Indoor routing R&D at NAVTEQ: Optimal paths, step-by-step instructions. Achieved sub-second results, 20x less memory footprint
• Devised and installed .NET Continuous Integration server to test, build and package Windows desktop applications company-wide


Java Javascript Python Typescript | MySQL PostgreSQL | AWS GCP


• Development blog: https://blog.kartones.net
• GitHub: https://github.com/kartones + https://github.com/orgs/kartones-forks
• Speaker at user groups and conferences: https://slides.kartones.net