Diego Muñoz 'Kartones'

I build things, both for work and for pleasure. And read a lot, because one never stops learning.

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Personal Projects

Development Related

Kartones Blog
Main blog, mostly oriented to development. 2004-Now.

GitHub Account + Gists
Small projects, miscellaneous scripts and cheatsheets.


The Elder Thoughts
Blog about role-playing games, boardgames and miniatures. 2006-Now.

Visits HQ
Internal Google Analytics-like website to track visits to my blogs, check Google Trends and other internal tools.
Source code not available for now. 2015-Now.


Kartones.Net blogging community
Multi-language blogging community. At its peak had ~20 active blogs. 2007-2014.

La Web de Programación
Spanish portal about development, computer news and tutorials. In the early years got good traffic from Spanish and latin-american visitors. 2001-2014.

The Dark Portal
Free online multiplayer games portal, with custom self-hosted servers for Ultima Online, Freelancer, FreeCiv, OpenTTD and others. 2008-2009.

Movies, series and documentaries micro-reviews blog. Administrator & blogger (+1 other blogger). 2010-2015.

Varied opensourced projects
Coded in the past. For recent stuff, check my GitHub.

Vicio Como Monos!!!
Videogame reviews blog (PC and consoles). Administrator & blogger (+1 other blogger). 2009-2015.

Warhammer 40,000 Dark Millennium Codex
Videogame fan-site, made to practice with PHP/Wordpress, later migrated to BlogEngine.net. 2010-2015.